Settle in for hilarity and reminiscences of a great career relived, a tribute to his wife and friends over the years, and inside entertainment stories from his work in stage, screen, and as writer.  Martin Short also reminds the listener of the great comedians that came from Canada during those years.   It’s an intimate telling of a life well lived – I must say…

Who else but Martin Short, as reader, could do this story justice?  He punctuates these recollections with vocal character impressions from his long career.  His reading voice goes from hilarious stories to an intimate quality that makes you feel that he is right there sharing with you.

Broad smiles and hearty laughs are your reward for listening to this book.  I went from hysterical laughter to thoughtful remembrances of his performances and friends throughout this audio book.  This story is best enjoyed in the audio version.  It would lose the personal touch in the translation if read from the printed page.

I must say – my life as a comedy legend, by Martin Short, Blackstone Audio,

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