“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.” – Henry Standing Bear

This book is aptly titled. There are many obvious facts knit together in this latest book in the Longmire series.  The author artfully unravels this plot with a motorcycle rally as backdrop, brawls, and offhand remarks that the listener suspects as true far sooner than the characters do. Henry’s dry humor is in full force with carefully inserted Sherlock Holmes references.  Vic’s witticisms had me laughing, too.  This tease, “I always have fun with a gun in my hands.” – Victoria Moretti.  After that remark, you’ve got to give this a listen to see what that’s all about!

George Guidall hits it right on the money again. He subtly adjusts his vocal quality – the tenor, the timing, the texture – to differentiate characters and mood.  He brings much richness to the telling of a story.

When I need a break from the daily grind, I visit Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear. This is one of the best books Craig Johnson has written in this series.  Some long unanswered questions are settled, no spoilers here but another strong female character is introduced to the listener.  In this listening, I had a good catch up with some old friends.  Why don’t you?

An Obvious Fact, by Craig Johnson, recordedbooks.com

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