Tom:  “I yelled ‘Fire!’ when I fell into the (vat of) chocolate.”

Dick:  “Why did you yell fire?”

Tom:  “Because no one would save me if I yelled, ‘Chocolate!’.”

Humor, folk music, and political commentary through satire are all part of the Smothers Brothers legacy from the 1960’s.  Listen to this book keeping in mind the historical context of the times…the Kennedy and King assassinations, Vietnam war, civil rights movement, the women’s movement, etc.

At the time, the word pregnant wouldn’t get past the network censors.  Pretty tame stuff by today’s standards.  There was no list of dirty words or taboo topics to work off generated by the censors.  The Smother’s Brothers goal wasn’t just aimed at slipping double entendre into their show’s scripts to tease the censors, but it was to get the viewing public to think about the cultural changes happening in our country.

The reader, Johnny Heller’s delivery has a conspiratorial tone, drawing the listener in to a trip down memory lane or a revelation to listeners about the Smother’s Brothers struggles for freedom of broadcast speech.  He brings a well crafted vocal quality to the reading of this audio book.

Settle in with this volume as a visit with old acquaintances.  This book wasn’t just about some entertainer’s censorship battles over “dirty” words in the 1960’s but about the struggle over the censorship of ideas, too.  Sound familiar?  The censorship of ideas is still found in today’s headlines.  Some things never change.

Dangerously Funny, the Uncensored Story of “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour”, by David Bianculli, Tantor Audio

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