17 today will be different

Eleanor Flood, the main character, opens her narrative as the neighbor/co-worker that over shares but her story is compelling and poignant drawing you in to hear more.  This character shares truths and personality traits which I identify with – “There’s me and there’s the beast in me.”   I also identify with Eleanor’s experiences tiptoeing on the tightrope of late-in-life parenting and being a new-to-the-drill grade school mom.  It ends well but leaving the door open to a sequel.  I want to hear about the next phase in Eleanor’s life that the ending teases about, what her husband learns from changes he engineers, and how her son Timby turns out.

The reader, Kathleen Wilhoite, captures the tempo and timbre of each character – faster for Eleanor who has a flood of thoughts running through her mind or slower for Timby her third grader who is trying to tweeze out understanding for himself about the adult world.  Her reading of this contributes to the intimate feel of this book.

Listen to this book twice.  The first time I experienced what the main character was going through.  The second time I absorbed so much of the wisdom this book had to give.  The author has a clever turn of phrase which you will want to enjoy again.

Today will be Different, by Maria Semple, HachettetAudio.com

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